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At Dog Guru Joe, we’re dedicated to making life with your furry friends more joyful and stress-free. Our expert services include professional dog walking to keep your pups happy and healthy, efficient poop scooping to keep your space clean, and comprehensive dog training information and resources to help you and your pet communicate better.

Dive into the whimsical world of the Unsirius Bark Park with our anthropomorphic tales that celebrate the unique personalities of our beloved canine companions. Discover all this and more as we embark on this pawsome journey together!

Join us and let Dog Guru Joe be your trusted partner in all things dog.

Professional Dog Walking Services

At Dog Guru Joe, we understand that your dog’s health and happiness are top priorities. Our professional dog walking services are designed to ensure your furry friend gets the exercise, socialization, and stimulation they need.

Why Choose Our Dog Walking Services?

  • Experienced Walkers: Our team of dedicated dog walkers is trained to handle dogs of all sizes and temperaments. With a deep love for animals and a keen understanding of canine behavior, we ensure each walk is safe and enjoyable.
  • Customized Walks: Whether your dog needs a brisk jog to burn off energy or a leisurely stroll to explore new scents, we tailor our walks to meet their individual needs.
  • Flexible Scheduling: We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Choose from daily walks, occasional outings, or anything in between.
  • Regular Updates: Stay connected with your pet’s adventures through regular updates and photos. We believe in transparent communication and keeping you informed about your dog’s experiences.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Your dog’s well-being is our mission. We are committed to providing exceptional care, ensuring each walk is a highlight of their day. Trust Dog Guru Joe to keep your dog happy, healthy, and wagging their tail with excitement.

Book a walk with us today and see the difference professional care makes!

Dog Training Materials & Resources

Unlock a treasure trove of curated resources handpicked by yours truly. From tried-and-tested tools to enriching reading materials and dynamic video tutorials, you’re in for a treat!

The Bark Bazaar Features guides written by Dog Guru Joe Bodick and a photo of a woman, wearing yellow, shopping with her dog at a pet store.

📚 The Bark Bazaar – A Dog Guru’s Treasury

Explore Dog Guru Joe’s curated selection of nonfiction dog training masterpieces, with a unique focus on positive reinforcement. And, stay tuned! Our shelves will soon be filled with more products handpicked for every dog lover out there.

The UnSirius Bark Park Gazette. "News, Nuzzles, and Narratives All in The UnSirius Bark Park Gazette. White paw logo on black background with green and white block borders.

🐾 Blog Tales – Satire with a Bark

From tales of canine mischief to political scandals in the park, our tales satirize life’s peculiarities through the lens of our furry friends. Delve into these witty narratives and witness the park’s oddities, all penned with a hint of truth and a whole lot of tail-wagging fun.

Step into a world where humor, canine wisdom, and social commentary collide. Our latest tales feature everything from rugged adventures to culinary delights—all in dog form, of course.

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